Use your investments to drive change

Together with 100 registered shareholders, we can put resolutions to Australian companies. Registration is easy, costs you nothing and we don’t need access to your shares. Just bring your entity name, address, the last 3 digits of your Holder Identification Number (HIN) and a list of companies you hold.

A History Of Shareholder Participation

A brief history of shareholder participation including the significant highlights of ACCR's work in Australia.

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Shareholder Advocacy

Shareholder advocacy harnesses the legal rights of shareholders as the ultimate owners of companies.

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Shareholder Resolutions

There are two kinds of shareholder resolutions: ordinary and special.

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Stakeholder Engagement

You do not have to be a direct shareholder in a company for a company’s actions to affect you. You are a stakeholder.

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Webinar: Shareholder Power & Climate Change

Your shareholder power plays a crucial role in helping us challenge some of Australia’s biggest companies.

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Your Rights as a Shareholder

The ownership of shares translates to ownership in a company. The role of shareholders is recognised as critical for good corporate governance practices.

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