You can help your clients align their listed company investments with their views on ESG.

ACCR works with shareholders and advisers to channel ownership powers toward making companies more responsible, transparent and focused on long term returns. We use shareholder strategies to put issues like political lobbying, decent working conditions, climate change and human rights at the top of the agenda for the boards of major Australian companies.

If you advise shareholders with direct ownership of their holdings, encourage them to raise their voice. It costs nothing and takes only a few minutes.

Working with ACCR

  1. You can suggest that clients register their own shareholdings with us to support resolutions. They can do this via our shareholder hub. We’ll email them each time we’re planning a resolution to a company they hold, giving them the chance to opt out.
  2. You can also choose to register your clients’ holdings on their behalf by completing the registration form on the shareholder hub. We can let you know each time a resolution comes up and provide you with information to pass on to your client.

We can tailor the way we work with you to best support you and your client’s needs. If you have any questions please get in touch with us at